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    Wild grown, ethically sourced superfoods, retained in their most pure, bio-active natural form.

    Who We Are

    Life Biome is an Australian-founded company specializing in nutritional superfoods. Our facilities are based in Thailand. Selected biomes for harvest include several rural regions of Northern Thailand. We source from tribal mountain farmers who grow their crops in the "wild", without synthetic chemicals, fertilizers and only salt as a natural pesticide. By sourcing ethically, we provide economic resources for the rural community in Chiangmai.

    BioTechnology & Nature

    The founding technology within Life Biome is called Cellular Preservation Technology (CPT), a patented process which allows for the optimal cellular preservation of the plants harvested. As the process does not use traditional methods such as grinding, tray drying and other means which crush the herbs into powders, the plant cells remain intact. The difference in Life Biome powders and other powders on the market can be seen under a microscope.

    Sourcing Superfoods from the Wilderness

    Life Biome specifically selects wild-grown geographical locations across the globe that are suitable for sourcing organic agriculture "superfoods" found only within the region. Each different biome has incredibly unique plant biodiversity.

    The Life Biome Project

    The founders of Life Biome have pledged 10% of all profits be donated to The Life Biome Project, a registered non-profit vehicle aimed at providing long shelf life nutrients to poverty or disaster zones.

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